Fleet Stock Picking / Transfer

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Stock Picking and Transfer with Fleet

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Stock Picking with Fleet

This modules integrate modules of geo routes, stock, stock picking waves, fleet operation planning to not only better support logistics operations of goods receipts and delivery but also gives more convenient to fleet operators

Key Features

  • Assign multiple stock transfers (pickings/deliveries) to a vehicle trip for managing your transfers with your fleets

  • Plan trips and assign them to your drivers and trip assistants with simple workflows:
    • Draft -> Confirmed -> In Operation -> Done
    • Draft -> Confirmed -> Cancelled
    • Draft -> Confirmed -> Cancelled -> Draft
  • Adding vehicle cost during trip operation

  • Trip Users can Validate transfers during the trip upon the transfers are done.

  • Auto Computation of Stowage Volume and Weight for all transfers

  • Rais Warning / Blocking messages when total Stowage Volume / Weight exceed the vehicle's Warning / Max Volume / Weight

  • Print Trip Report that consolidate all the transfer of the trip so that it can be delivered to the driver of the trip as trip instructions

  • Manage Drivers and their licenses

  • Get insights of drivers' trips

  • Integrated with HR for payroll calculation

  • Much more feature descriptions could be found on the dependency pages:
    • Geo-Routes Management and Analysis
    • Product Dimensions
    • Fleet Load Params
    • Trip Planning
    • Etc

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition