Geo Routes Management

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Geo routes design & management

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What is does

This modules allows users to build geo-routes from combination of partner addresses (res.partner)

Value & Benefit

  1. Manage unlimited routes with much and details information for each and every route (e.g. distance, average speed, waypoints in routes, etc)
  2. Inheritance from the existing model res.partner for addressing to shorten learning curves
  3. Ready for any routing application development (map integration, logistics, transportation, etc)

Key Features

  • Route design & building by combining waypoints

  • Each waypoint is link to an address (res.partner model)

  • Route sections is automatically computed and created combining two addresses of two consecutive waypoints in the route

  • Users can set distance and max moving speed for each and every section

  • Estimated Moving time through a section is computed base on the distance and the max moving speed of the section

  • Built for other extensions:

    • sales delivery routes preparation
    • fleet operation tracking
    • transportation pricing
    • automatic distance calculation is possible maybe when integrated with base_geolocalize module
    • etc

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition