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Loyalty Program for the Point of Sale

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Features at a glance

This module extends the module Loyalty Programs Base allowing you to define loyalty programs for your points of sales, where the customers earn loyalty points and get rewards while buying your products/services at your Points of Sales

Features in details

  1. Loyalty Points: loyalty points is given to the customer each time she or he buy something from you which matches a predefined loyalty program

  2. Loyalty Reward: which is either a discount or gift (which is also a product in your Odoo)
    • Name: An internal identification for this loyalty reward
    • Mim. Points: the minimum number of points the customer must have to qualify for this reward
    • Point Cost: The cost of one loyalty point which will be deducted from the customer's total point each time a reward is given to the customer.
  3. Loyalty Program: you can define different loyalty program each has some rules to reward your customer based on the product, the product quantity, number of orders, etc

    • Points per currency unit: How many loyalty points are given to the customer by sold currency. For example, the program can reward your user 1 point per 1 USD they pay.
    • Points per product: How many loyalty points are given to the customer by product sold. For example, the customer can get X point when they buy product Y
    • Points per order: How many loyalty points are given to the customer for each sale/point of sales order. For example, they can get 2 point when buying only (with Sales Order) or 1 point when buying from a Point of Sales of yours.
    • Rewards: The rewards to your customers which is either Gift or Discount above described, qualified based on the points they have and the loyalty program they are applied.
  4. Customer Levels: allow you to define multiple customer level (e.g. Silver Customer, Gold Customer, etc). A customer level could be defined with a minimum loyaty points at which the customer will be promoted to the level automaticall

  5. Get insight of your loyalty performance with rich and powerfull Loyalty Reports


If you have Sales Management application implemented, you may want to check out the Loyalty for Sales application at https://www.odoo.com/apps/modules/12.0/to_loyalty_sales/

Editions Supported

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