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Upon validation of a Purchase Order, automaticaly create other Purchase Orders for landed costs that would be allocated to the products of the first Purchase Order.

Keep track the the landed costs (the amount, where they come from, why you have them, etc)

The problems

By default, Odoo's Stock Landed Cost application just provides a mean to allocate landed costs to stockable products without any means for tracking or manage landed cost purchase. For example, when you purchase product A, you may also need to purchase transportation service product B for another vendor. What would you encode such the information in Odoo? You probably:

  1. Create 2 purchase orders
  2. Receive the product A
  3. Open the second PO to get the cost of the transportation service
  4. Create a landed cost to allocate the cost of the transportation service to the product A

After, when you look into the list of thousand lines of landed costs, how you know if the costs are relevant? Is there anything wrong there? How to know if anything wrong there?

The Solution

This application was developed to solve the above mention problems by provide lots of must-have features to ensure that

  • you can have some landed cost PO generated automatically when you confirm a PO that may require landed costs to be purchased
  • you can create stock landed costs from a landed cost invoice
  • everything related to landed costs is trackable. I.e. Landed Cost Adjustments, Landed Costs Purchases, Landed Costs Invoices, original purchase orders, landed costs' account journal items, etc

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition