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Return orders in PoS Screen

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The problem

By default, when a customer of yours comes to return the goods she or he bought from you, you would need to 1. Get rid off the PoS screen and navigate to the Point of Sales order list in the backend to find the corresponding order 2. After validation, you need to open that order in the backend and do return.

There is nothing wrong here but not so productive and waste your time. If you usually process hundred orders per session which may get you tired, doing more tasks may lead to some human errors.

The solution

Instead of going to the backend interface, you keep stay at the PoS screen and do lookup for the order to return then carry out the return process. It's quick and more easier!

Key Features

  1. Pos Manager can set maximum number of days for goods return in case your company does not accept goods return after a period counting from the date of purchase.
  2. PoS users can do return process while staying in the same screen.
  3. PoS users will get notified if the return is not within the allowed return period.
  4. Keep track of the return thanks to the features offer by the application 'PoS Refund Origin' which is a dependency of this application.

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition