Sales Target Management - Point of Sales

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Sales Targets for Point of Sales

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This application extends the Sales Target Management application and integrate Point of Sales application to allow you to manage sales targets of your stores/shops and sales persons in your stores.

It also helps you get insight of sales performance against the targets with several Key Performance Indexes

Key Features

  1. Assign a Sales Team for a Point of Sales

  2. Sales Targets for sales persons in Point of Sales
    • Sales person submit their target
    • Sales Team Leader approves/refused/adjusts the target
  3. Sales Targets for Points of Sales
    • Team Leader register their team's sales target
    • Regional Sales Manager can either approve or refuse and request changes
  4. Measure sales targets in reach automatically:
    • For Individuals / Sales persons
      • Total Sales in PoS in a period of the target
      • Sales Target Reach in PoS (in percentage)
    • For A Sales Team of Points of Sales
      • Total Sales in a period of the target
      • Sales Target Reach (in percentage)
      • Invoiced Target Reach (in percentage)

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition