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Product Highlights

Affiliate Management is an Odoo application that extends Odoo's functionality to enable you to run your affiliate program to boost your sales with no effort.

  • Manage Unlimited Affiliates: No matter how many affiliates you have, the application allows you to manage your affiliate effectively without any pain.
  • Affiliate Program Signup: Clients can signup your affiliate program within a few clicks. You also can join any of your partners inside your administration panel
  • Automatic Affiliate Code Generation: Affiliate codes are automatically generated when clients join your affiliate program. On-screen instructions are generated for affiliate quick start.
  • Configurable Cookie Lifetime: You can define cookie lifetime as long as you want within your configuration panel to meet your business requirements.
  • Configurable Commission Percentage: You can define your commission base (in percentage against sales order value) for affiliates and change it anytime you want.
  • Minimum Commission Payout: You can set minimum payout so that an affiliate will not be able to create a payment request if his unpaid commission is less than this amount.
  • Sales Management Integration: Each quotation/sales order form is added with AffCode field to refer that the order was placed with help of an affiliate. So, you can filter sales orders by this field for better management.
  • Payment & Invoicing Integration: Seamless integration with Odoo payment & invoicing system. Automatic invoice creation when a commission payment request is approved.

How it works

  • The application allows clients to sign up and join your affiliate program. Once joined, they will be provided with an affiliate code of seven (7) alphanumeric characters to append into your URL in form of http(s)://, where the xxxxxxx is the code generated by the system.
  • Then, the newly signup affiliate can put the formed URL to any of web pages where he want to get potential customers. He can also share the URL to his social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • When a client follows the URL mentioned above to you site, a cookie will be created and store in the client's browser. If the client buys something from your site before the cookie expiry, a commission will be generated and accounted to your the affiliate code owner.
  • The affiliate code owner is provided with an affiliate portal so that he can manage their commissions, submit commission payout request, manage paid commission, etc.

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition