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Listing without variation

In order to list a product, you need to check the use eBay field on a product form. The eBay tab will be available.


When the Use Stock Quantity field is checked, the quantity sets on eBay will be the Odoo Forecast Quantity.

The Description Template allows you to use templates for your listings. The default template only use the eBay Description field of the product. You can use html inside the Description Template and in the eBay Description.

To use pictures in your listing, you need to add them as Attachments on the product template.

Listing with variations

When the use eBay on a product with variations is checked and with Fixed Price as Listing Type, the eBay form is sligthly different. In the variants array, you can choose which variant will be listed on eBay as well as set the price and the quantity for each variant.


Listing with item specifics

In order to add item specifics, you should create a product attribute with one value in the Variants tab on the product form.


Product Identifiers

Products identifiers such as EAN, UPC, Brand or MPN are required in most of the eBay category. The module manages the EAN and UPC identifiers with the Barcode field of the product variant. If the Barcode field is empty or is value is not valid, the EAN and UPC values will be set as 'Does not apply' as recommended by eBay. The Brand and MPN values are working as item specifics and should be define in the Variants tab on the product form. If theses values are not set, 'Does not apply' will be used for the eBay listing.