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Odoo is an outstanding solution to help small companies growing their business. But it also perfectly meets the needs of multinational companies.The inter-company feature helps you to buy and/or sell products and services between different branches within your conglomerate.

  1. Purchase orders and sales orders can be related. If a company within your group creates a purchase or a sales order, the corresponding document is automatically created for your company. All you have to do is check that everything is correct and confirm the sale. You can automate the validation on your sales and purchase orders.
  2. It is also possible to only handle invoices and refunds.

Manage intercompany rules

Go to: Settings --> General Settings, click Manage companies to open the configuration window. 


From here, create a new company, fill in the required information and save.

In Apps, we search for a module named Multi-company sale purchase and install it.

 After the installation is complete, go back to General Settings and you will see a new option for Multi-company is Inter-Company Transactions.

If you tick on it, you will get extra options to configure automatic sale/purchase transactions between your internal companies.


Note: In order to be able to manage the inter-company rules, be sure that your user has the rights to manage the companies.