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Define fee templates

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Key Features

This is the base module for other fee related modules to extend (e.g. Sales with pre-defined fees). It offers the following:

  1. Fee Definition
    • It is a document to model a fee associated a product during sales / purchases. For example, when you sell a transportation service, you may also want to charge the customer for road toll. In such the case, you could define your service and its associated fees as below
      • Transportation Service X: is a service product
        • Road Toll 1: is another service product that present the Road Toll
        • On the Transportation Service X, select Road Toll 1 as a fee for the Transportation Service X
  2. Fee is also a Product, hence, it is seamlessly integrated with Odoo accounting
  3. Nested / Recursive Fee structure support. For example,
    • Transportation Service X may have the following fees structure:
      • Dirty Cargo handling Fee at terminals. This fee is also a product in Odoo and may have its own fees defined as below
        • Environment Protection Fee
        • Cargo Stowage fee
      • Road Toll during transportation
    • When calculating fees for the Transportation Service X, this module could offer the following:
      • Direct Fees: which are Dirty Cargo handling Fee and Road Toll
      • Sub fees: Environment Protection Fee, Cargo Stowage
      • Recursive Fees: all the above


Again, this module provides a solid platform for other modules to extend. The module means nothing when staying alone.

Known Issues

  • Calculation of quantity and total amount is not correct in nested fee when changing quantity in direct fee.

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition