Multi-Company Sale Purchase

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Sale based on service outsourcing in multi company environment.

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The problem

Odoo offers a great module named Sale Purchase that support generated a purchase order upon validate a sales order based on the switch Purchase Automatically on product model.

However, this field does not support multi-company environment. In other words, when a product is set with Purchase Automatically, the policy will be applied to all the companies available in the database which is usually not what the users wants.

  1. Company A sell Product X to its customer with SO0001, where the Product X is set with
    • Purchase Automatically: Yes
    • Vendor: Company B, which is another company in the same database
  2. Upon SO0001 confirmation, Odoo automaticaly generate a Purchase Order to Company B (e.g. PO0001)
  3. In Company B, a sales user should create another sales order (e.g. SO0002) from Company A accordingly. Or, the SO0002 could be generated automatically if you have an Inter-Cpmpany rule that helps generate a sales order from a purchase order in multi-company environment.
  4. Upon SO0002 confirmation, Odoo will try to generate another Purchase Order for the Company B to another vendor because the Product X is set with Purchase Automatically. This is usually NOT what the Company B wants. It is REALLY A PROBLEM!


This module turn the field Purchase Automatically on product modeul into a company-specific field so that the Company B will be able turn it off while the Company A will still be able to keep it on.

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition