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Deduct Meal Order price in Employee Payslip

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What it does

This application provide integration between the HR Meal application and HR Payroll application to deduct Meal Order price in Employee Payslip.

Key Features

  1. HR Meal
    • Displays the price that employee has to pay for the meal and calculates the difference between the company's pay and employee's pay.
  2. Payslip
    • When the "Compute Sheet" button, Odoo will search for all meal order line of employee for a period of time and add them to the payslip so that salary rules can access it with the dot syntax payslip.meal_order_line_ids.
    • When the "Confirm" button is hit, Odoo will "Compute Sheet" before doing confirmation.
  3. Salary Rules Access
    • result = -1 * sum(payslip.meal_order_line_ids.mapped('emp_total_price')) will summarize all the meal order line and return the result for the salary rule
    • etc.

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition