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Tích hợp tất cả các loại máy chấm công nền tảng ZKTeco với Odoo

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Key Features

  • Support both UDP and TCP for large attendance data (tested with a real machine that store more than 90 thousand attendance records)

  • Support connection with either domain name or IP

  • Authenticate devices with password.

  • Multiple Devices for multiple locations

  • Multiple device time zones at multiple locations

  • Multiple Attendance Status support (e.g. Check-in, Check-out, Start Overtime, End Overtime, etc)

  • Store fingerprint templates in employee profiles to quickly set up new device (Added since version 1.1.0)

  • Delete Device's Users from Odoo

  • Upload new users into the devices from Odoo's Employee database

  • Auto Map Device Users with Odoo employee base on Badge ID mapping, or name search mapping if no Badge ID match found

  • Store Device Attendance data permanently

  • Manual/Automatic download attendance data from all your devices into Odoo (using scheduled actions)

  • Manual/Automatic synchronize device attendance data with HR Attendance so that you can access them in your salary rules for payslip computation

  • Automatically Clear Attendance Data from the Device periodically, which is configurable.

  • Designed to work with all attendance devices that based on ZKTeco platform.

    • Fully TESTED with the following devices:
      • RONALD JACK B3-C
      • ZKTeco K50
      • ZKTeco MA300
      • ZKTeco U580
      • ZKTeco T4C
      • ZKTeco G3
      • RONALD JACK iClock260
    • Reported by clients that the module has worked great with the following devices
      • ZKTeco K40
      • ZKTeco U580
      • iFace402/ID
      • ZKTeco MB20
      • ZKteco IN0A-1
      • Uface 800
      • ... (please advise us your devices. Tks!)


Tons of thanks to fananimi for his pyzk library @ https://github.com/fananimi/pyzk

We got inspired from that and customize it for more features (device information, Python 3 support, TCP/IP support, etc) then we integrated into Odoo by this great Attendance Device application

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition