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Depending on your business and the application you use, there are different ways to automate the customer invoice creation in Odoo. Usually, draft invoices are created by the system (with information coming from other documents like sales order or contracts) and accountant just have to validate draft invoices and send the invoices in batch (by regular mail or email).

Depending on your business, you may opt for one of the following way to create draft invoices:

Creating an invoice manually

Users can also create invoices manually without using contracts or a sales order. It's a recommended approach if you do not need to manage the sales process (quotations), or the delivery of the products or services.

Even if you generate the invoice from a sales order, you may need to create invoices manually in exceptional use cases:

  • if you need to create a refund
  • If you need to give a discount
  • if you need to change an invoice created from a sales order
  • if you need to invoice something not related to your core business


Some specific modules are also able to generate draft invoices:

  • membership: invoice your members every year
  • repairs: invoice your after-sale services