OpenERP Integration Service!

Integrate your OpenERP system with other systems for even easier management and automation boost. For example, your OpenERP integrated with your e-Commercial website brings data synchronization between two systems and sales tasks automation improvement

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OpenERP Integration Service

What you get after integration?

After integrating OpenERP with your e-commercial website(s), all the data from the site(s) will be synchronized with OpenERP to automate Sales Orders processing.


You have multi-POS, multi-e-shop? Don't worry, we can make the integration for all, supporting multi-instances, multi-e-shop, multi-currency, multi-warehouse, multi-language, etc


No more manual input data into the ERP system. All products catalog, customers, sales orders, stock levels, shipments, packages’ tracking numbers, invoices, etc will be synchronized with the ERP system automatically. Hence, reduce your workload and human error, increase your respond time to your clients!.

Payment workflow automation

Depending on mean of payment (credit card, wire transfer), possibility to automate workflows in OpenERP (order validation, invoice validation, etc). For instance, a sales order paid by credit card will automatically create an invoice with "paid" status.


Built with a strong and efficient core, the system can be extended or modified easily from separate addons made on demands.

Basic Workflow after integration ?

OpenERP Integration Service