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Creating a new location

In order to be able to create new locations, you must allow the system to manage multiple locations. In the Inventory module, open the menu :menuselection:`Configuration --> Settings`. In the Location & Warehouse section, tick the Manage several locations per warehouse box, then click on Apply.


In the Inventory module, open :menuselection:`Configuration --> Warehouse Management --> Locations` In the Locations window, click on Create.

Type the name of the location in the Location Name field, and select the Parent Location in the list. The parent location can be a physical, partner or virtual location, and you can add as many sub-locations as needed to a location.

You can also fill in the Additional Information fields and add a note to describe your location.


When you are finished, click on Save.


A warehouse also corresponds to a location. As the locations are hierarchical, Odoo will create the parent location of the warehouse, containing all the sublocations in it.