Leo Tran Process Management Published: 5/16/20 Hits: 646

Processes are at the heart of a company, they form a structure for all activities that enable the company to function effectively. A company's human dimension is often disconnected from its processes at the moment, preventing individual employees aspirations from being directed towards a collective objective.

From a mapping process, integrating management and the changing needs of each employee becomes very useful for the fulfilment of each. Based on that, each employee becomes aware of his own personal contribution to the company's value chain. This representation also helps an employee's own personal management because it shows his place and his role in the overall process, very often over several departments.

The system of 'Corporate Intelligence' will also be highly useful to system implementers who, after studying the requirements, have to formalize a company's processes to put them into operation in Odoo ERPOnline.

Examples of Process

To understand the aims of the system of Corporate Intelligence (process) better, you will now see an overview of the functions available to you in a the study of two processes:

  • A customer order quotation,
  • The engagement of a new employee.

Following a Customer Sales Order

The example Example of a process handling a customer order quotation shows the process for handling a customer sales order. Use the menu Sales > Sales > Sales Orders to list all orders, then choose Order.

To view the process for that specific order, first Active the developer mode,active from Administrator/About Odoo. After activate it, click the Corporate Intelligence button (displayed as a question mark) at the top left of the title of the list or form. The process for this order is shown in the window, and the current state of this document can be seen by looking for the node whose left edge is colored maroon rather than grey.

process quotation flow

Example of a process handling a customer order quotation

This order is in the Sale Order state. The whole of some nodes is greyed out because the selected document will never enter into that state, such as invoicing based on deliveries (the order is in an invoicing mode that is based on orders, not deliveries).

The process is completely dynamic and based on that specific sale order document. You can click each of the process nodes (Quotation, Sale Order, Procurement, Invoice, Delivery Order) using one of the links or icons on it:

  • Obtaining the documentation and the corresponding process in the quality manual, using the Help icon (in blue colour),
  • Obtaining the documents that an employee needs to carry out the process by clicking the green arrow icon,

New Employee Induction

Open the any employee form the menu Human Resources > Human Resources > Employees. Click the Corporate Intelligence button to open the detailed process view of engagement.

process employee flow

Example of a process engaging a new employee

You can immediately see things that might interest the HR manager. On a single screen HR manager has all of the documents about the selected employee. HR manager can then zoom into each document to look at associated documents or the user account in the system.