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In the Sales module, your sales teams are accessible from the Dashboard menu. If you start from a new instance, you will find a sales team installed by default : Direct sales. You can either start using that default sales team and edit it (refer to the section Create and Organize your stages from the page :doc:`organize_pipeline`) or create a new one from scratch.

To create a new team, go to :menuselection:`Configuration --> Sales Teams` and click on Create.


Fill in the fields :

  • Enter the name of your team
  • Select your team leader
  • Select your team members

Don't forget to tick the "Opportunities" box if you want to manage opportunities from it and to click on SAVE when you're done. Your can now access your new team from your Dashboard.



If you started to work on an empty database and didn't create new users, refer to the page :doc:`../manage/create_salesperson`.