Auto Product Code Generation

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Automatic Product Code Generation on product creation

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Key Features

  1. User can define prefix for product code in product category
  2. User can define increment sequence for product categories
  3. Product code will be generated by combining the prefix and the next number which is auto increased by the predefined sequence
  4. It support both products and product variants
  5. Product Code generation for multiple products at once

How it works

  1. This application adds new fields into product category:
    • Product Code Prefix: that will be combined with the code generated by the sequence.
    • Product Sequence: to provide increment sequence for the product code.
  2. Upon installation, a default sequence is created for the case when no sequence found from the corresponding category and its recursive parents

  3. Events:
    • Onchange: The product code is generated upon changing of the product category or product name
    • Server Action: when user click 'Update Product Code' in the dropdown menu from Action

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition