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Manage employee documents and Notify before expire date

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This module allow HR managers to manage all kinds of employee documents and automatic send an email notification when a document is about to get expired.

Key Features

Document Types Management

  • HR Manager can define unlimited document types. For example, National ID Card, Insurance Card, Social Security Card, Passport, Visa, etc

  • Each document type has the following properties:

    • Name: the name of the document type, which is unique in the system wide
    • Days to Notify: the default value for number of days prior to the expiry for the system to notify about the expiration of the document of this type
    • Description: text field to describe to type
    • Kept by: An information field to indicated whether the original document of this type should be kept by the company or by the employee. It is a default value for the document of this type
    • Return Upon Termination: The default value for the documents of this type to indicate if the origin of the document should be return to its owner upon termination

Employee Document

  • Is an Odoo document that allows HR Officer to manage all the documents related to the employees of the company

  • Each document contains the following information

    • Doc. Numer: the number/name of the document
    • Kept By: An information field to indicated whether the original document is currently kept by the company or by the employee
    • Return Upon Termination: If checked, the original document must be return to its owner. I.e. if the origin is kept by the company, it should be returned to the employee; if the origin is kept by the employee, it should be returned to the company
    • Doc. Manager: the one in the HR department that takes responsibility for managing this document
    • Document Type: Indicate the type of this document (e.g. SSI Card, Passport, etc)
    • Employee: the employee to whom this document is related
    • Issue Date: the date on which the document was issued
    • Issued By: linked to a partner record
    • Place of Issue
    • Expire Date: the date on which the document gets expired (if applicable)
    • Days to Notify: number of days to notify before the expiration of the document.
    • Image 1: store a photo of the document
    • Image 2: store another photo of the document
    • PDF: Store the PDF version of the Document
  • PDF Viewer: the PDF version can be viewed online without downloads


  • Show a stat button on the employee form to indicate number of documents related to this employee
  • Click the button will drive the user to the list of the documents
  • Employees can create/upload their own personal documents

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition