Fleet Accounting

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Integrate Fleet with Accounting

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Ứng dụng tích hợp Kế toán cho Đội phương tiện

Get vehicle costs invoiced, encode vehicle costs in accounting, distribute vendor bills amount to vehicles, track vehicle costs in accounting.

Fleet Service Types Product

Associate Fleet Service Types with Products for invoicing purpose.

Each service type could be associated with a product so that the Vendor Bills generated from Vehicle Costs of that type's will use the corresponding the products for their lines

Vendor Bills Distributions to Vehicles

Use Vehicle Cost Distribution Wizard to distribute vendor bill line's amount to vehicles.

Auto-generate of vehicle costs from vendor bills

Auto-generate accounting journal items that associated with the generated vehicle costs and the vehicles

Auto-generate analytics accounting entries that associated with the generated vehicle costs and the vehicles

Vehicle Costs to Vendor Bills/Invoices

Generate multiple bills for multiple vendors from vehicle costs (fuel logs, services, etc) with one click.

Filter vehicle costs that have not been invoiced.

Auto-generate vendor invoices (and view them) with one click

Group multiple vehicle costs of the same vendor into one vendor bill

class="oe_mb32" style="margin-left: 48px;"Group multiple vehicle costs of the product into one vendor bill's line

Ready to extend

This application also provides several abstract classes which will be ready for extending vehicle costs, vehicle revenue, etc.

Search the Odoo Apps Store with the key word "fleet accounting" to find the ready extension (Vehicle Stock Consumption, Vehicle Transportation, Vehicle revenue accounting etc)

Key Features Summary

  1. Associate Fleet Service Type with a Product for invoicing purpose
  2. Associate an invoice line with vehicle costs for cost distribution to vehicles
  3. Associate accounting journal item with vehicles
  4. Associate accounting analytics journal item with vehicles
  5. Create vendor bills (supplier invoices) from vehicle costs
  6. Create vendor bills from vehicle service logs
  7. Create vendor bills from vehicle fuel logs
  8. Distribute/Allocate vender bills amount to vehicle costs
  9. New Vehicle cost report to allow analyse costs distributed to vehicles