Fleet Revenue Accounting

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Integrate Fleet Vehicle Revenue Modeling and Fleet Accounting

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What it does

This module provides integration between the Fleet Accounting application and Fleet Vehicle Revenue Modeling to allow record and invoice your customer for services related to your fleet

Key Features

  1. Fleet Users record revenue made from vehicles in the Fleet Management application

  2. Accountants generate customer invoices from such the vehicle revenue records

  3. Accountant record customer invoices and allocated the invoice amounts across the vehicles of the fleet

  4. Vehicle revenue Analysis

    • Analysis revenue By

      • Vehicle
      • Vehicle service type
      • Vehicle revenue type (Contract, Service)
      • Date of revenue (Date / Week / Month / Quarter / Year)
      • Invoice
      • Customer
      • Status (which is either Not Invoiced | Invoiced but Not Paid | Invoiced and Paid)
      • Company (for multi-company environment support)
    • Measure

      • Revenue Amount
      • Revenue Count (number of records)
    • Report types:

      • Pivot
      • Graph

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition