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HR Contracts actions for better workflow control

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What it does

  • By default, switching HR contract between states is utilized by clicking a state at the header bar. This has no problem until we do need something like a workflow control. For example, cancel a contract is not allowed when it has an unposted payslip, etc
  • This module help HR Contracts actions for better workflow control.

Key Features

This module offers the following changes

  • Add action buttons in status bar to help manage contract stages even if the contract has been disabled
  • The following buttons to create a simple workflow for the contract have been added
    • New Stage:
      • Start: to start the HR contract
    • Running Stage:
      • Set as To Renew: to set the contract as 'To Renew' state
      • Close: to set the contract to Expired (closed)
      • Cancellation: to cancel the contract
    • Expired Stage:
      • Renew: to renew the contract, set the contract to Running status
    • Cancelled Stage:
      • Set to New: to set the Contract to New (Draft) state

Supported Editions

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition