HR Expense & Payroll Integration

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Reimburse HR Expenses in Payroll with Payslips

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What it does

This application provide integration between the HR Expense application and HR Payroll application to move HR expense reimburse to payslip. In other words, instead of paying back to the employee immediately after the expense is approved, the expense amount will be postponed for including in the next payslip

Key Features

  1. HR Expense
    • During HR Expense submission, employee can suggest reimbursement in payslip thanks to the new option "Reimbursed in Payslip" added to the HR Expense form
    • During approval, manager can decide either the reimbursement will be made immediately on the corresponding HR Expense or postpone it for the next payslip
    • No accounting entry will be created at any stage of HR Expense if the expense is set to be reimbursed in Payslip
  2. Payslip
    • When the "Compute Sheet" button, Odoo will search for all the approved HR expenses of the corresponding employee that are marked with "Reimbursed in Payslip" and add them to the payslip so that salary rules can access it with the dot syntax payslip.hr_expense_ids
    • When the "Confirm" button is hit, Odoo will "Compute Sheet" before doing confirmation
    • When the payslip is set as Done, all the related HR Expenses will be set as Done at the same time.
  3. Salary Rules Access
    • result = sum(payslip.hr_expense_ids.mapped(total_amount)) will summarize all the expenses amount and return the result for the salary rule
    • result = sum(payslip.hr_expense_ids.filtered(lambda exp: 'Air Ticket' in will summarize all the expenses amount concerning 'Air Ticket' and return the result for the salary rule
    • etc

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition