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Manage and calculate Time Off's working time with timesheet for the time off that is considered as working time (e.g. Work From Home)

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What it does

  1. This module enables HR Managers to require all the time-off registers of a time-off type to have timesheet recorded for PoW (proof of work). Each individual employee also have an option to disable this requirement. For example, implement Work From Home for everyone in the company but the CEO:

    • Create a new time-off named "Work From Home" with Is Unpaid option unchecked and PoW Timesheet Required option checked).
    • Go to the employee profile of the CEO and uncheck the option 'PoW Timesheet Required'
  2. Integrated with Payroll App (Viindoo Payroll App, not the Odoo EE Payroll) for calculation of the following in payslip:

    • PoW Timesheet Required Hours / Days
    • PoW Timesheet Recorded Hours / Days
    • Missing PoW Timesheet Hours / Days
  3. The following salary rule will be generated for the BASE salary structures of existing company upon installation of this module so that the employee pay will be deducted with the amount base on: Missing PoW Hours * Timesheet Cost Per Hour

    result = -1 * payslip.missing_pow_hours * employee.timesheet_cost

    It is also generated for new company upon the company is created in the system

Editions Supported

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