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Allows you to choose a time period if you create time-off in several days

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What it does

This module provides some extra features like:

  • Customize multi-day time-off with flexible times
  • Time-off adjustment, which has been approved
  • Time-off report by day

Key Features

  1. Customize time-off
    • By default, if employees create time-off in several days, the default time will be all of those days. Example: If an employee wants to create time-off from 13:00 1/1/2021 to 12:00 1/3/2021, he will have to create many requests with the same reason.
    • This module allows employees to custom a time period when they create time-off for several days at once.
  2. Time-off adjustment
    • Allows time-off period adjustment of employees, which has been approved.
  3. Time-off report by day
    • Provide employee detailed time-off information by each day according to many criteria such as leave type, status, department, ...

Supported Editions

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition