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Dropshipping is a method in which the vendor does not keep products in stock but instead transfers the products directly from the supplier to the customer.

Note: You need the Sales, Inventory and Purchases modules for this feature to work.

Activate the dropshipping feature

Go to: Purchases --> Configuration --> Settings and select Dropshipping.


A new route Dropshipping has been created. You can go on a product and tick the dropshipping route. You also need to define to which vendor you will buy the product. Now, each time this product will be sold, it will be drop shipped.


Drop ship a product

Once a sale order with products to dropship is confirmed, a request for quotation is generated by Odoo to buy the product to the vendor. If you confirm that request for quotation into a purchase order, it will create a transfer from your vendor directly to your customer. The products doesn't go through your own stock.