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Manufacturing Stock Locations

Odoo ERPOnline allows you to define a specific location to keep track of your manufacturing moves.

To get an overview of all stock moves, go to Warehouse > Traceability > Stock Moves. You can enter your Production location in the search field and then group by Source or Destination according to the moves you would like to check.


With traceability you can easily track your production lots in the software. With this functionality you can quickly find where your products are in your warehouse. In counterpart, you will be forced to mention a number of lot to each product to be able to track it in the system.

To enable traceability in the manufacturing process, go to Warehouse > Product > Products. In the Product form, you have to select the box Track Manufacturing Lots in the Lots section on the Inventory tab.

In the manufacturing order, you have to mention a production serial number in order to continue the process. You can select the production serial number in the Manufacturing Order form on the tab, called Finished Products. You have to click the Products to Finish you want to trace, a new window will open. In the Serial Number field, click to link the manufacturing order to a serial number.

prod lot

Tracking a Manufacturing Order

When you have linked some manufacturing orders to serial number, you can trace them from the menu Warehouse > Traceability > Serial Number. In this view, you see the different serial numbers linked to a product. If you select one number, you will have the possibility to choose between Upstream Traceability or Downstream Traceability.

production lots

Choosing between Upstream and Downstream Traceability

Upstream Traceability: It starts from the raw materials received from the supplier and follows the chain to the finished products delivered to customers. Note that the name is confusing - this would often be considered a downstream direction. Think of it as Where Used.

Downstream Traceability: It follows the product in the other direction, from customer to the different suppliers of raw material. Note that the name is confusing - this would often be considered an upstream direction. Think of it as Where Supplied.

The different lines show the stock moves attached to the production of the product. There are several stock moves that are traced due to the Bill of Materials attached to the product.